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Step into the future with 'The Visions of Tomorrow' screening—a curated 45-minute cinematic spectacle showcasing the brilliance of renowned directors and artists like Mister, The Loop, Taehoon Park, Lei Alucard, SeenVision, Pixel, and more.

This collection seamlessly melds today's profound realities with the imaginative wonders of tomorrow, sparking riveting conversations on the realm of possibilities. Plus, be among the first to witness four exclusive world premieres, featuring masterpieces from ZHEESHE, MixCode Studio, Haram Jung, and Leon Liang. Experience the future, today.

Screenings timeline:

  • Oct – Dec 2023 at Bunjil Place in Melbourne
  • Nov – Jan 2024 at WOW Media in LA
"These short films are not just mere visual delights, but they symbolise a bridge to the visionary world foreseen by our talented directors."

George Hedon, Founder & Head of Content at Pause Originals.

'The Visions of Tomorrow' screening for the Bunjil Place.
"The clever interplay of realistic and speculative storytelling in these films presents a compelling exploration of our existential trajectory, making the audience ponder on the profound implications.”

A​​​​ngela Barnett, Outdoor Screen Coordinator Arts and Cultural Development at Bunjil Place

Bunjil Place in Melbourne

For a decade, Pause Originals have been showcased on the screen at Fed Square, a whole month ahead of the Pause Fest event.

Pause Originals Screening on Fed Square, Melbourne

We have established a strong partnership with WOW Media in LA for over 5 years. They have consistently featured artists, providing them with a generous one-month duration of play in 15-second intervals.

WOW Media Billboards in Los Angeles