Venture into 2079, a world where nature and human innovation converge, birthing unparalleled lifeforms. Inspired by the United Nations' SDGs, particularly Life Below Water (Goal 14) and Life on Land (Goal 15), and infused with insights from biotechnology, artists are invited to envision the harmony of the organic and synthetic. This theme celebrates the transformative potential of new life, as we imagine a future shaped by biodiversity, sustainability, and the fusion of natural and man-made wonders.


Beyond 2050
This theme invites creatives to envision a world post-2050, focusing on the positive impact outcomes that can be achieved. Drawing inspiration from the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and the innovative 'Doughnut Economics' model proposed by economist Kate Raworth, artists are encouraged to imagine products, services, and solutions that will help our future environment thrive.


Transformation is inherent to our very essence. The way we perceive, adapt, and evolve defines our journey through life. As Mike Tyson candidly observed, "Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth." Entering 2020, many of us hoped for a brighter year than the one before, only to confront a reality harsher than any in recent memory. Unprepared for the tumultuous turn of events, the world grappled with rapid and relentless shifts. We now stand at a global crossroads, facing profound socio-environmental and economic challenges. It's a monumental reset, pushing us to the brink.


New Odyssey
"Houston, we have a problem," resonates differently in this era. Rectifying our current challenges goes beyond simple fixes—it's not akin to creating a website, but a profound endeavor involving the very fabric of society and the intricacies of technology. As we stand on the cusp of a grand expedition, the path forward demands that we imbue our actions with renewed values and virtues. What does the next decade hold in its expansive horizon, and who steers its course? The dawn of 2020 signifies a novel inception, calling for heightened empathy and perhaps a vision so expansive it reaches the interstellar.


Intimate Future
As the boundaries between us and technology blur, the pressing question emerges: how do we intertwine our innate humanity with the devices and systems we create? In what ways can our inherent creativity be harnessed to not only visualise but actualise a world that’s brighter and more connected? The future doesn't loom distant and impersonal; rather, it promises a closeness, a familiarity. Indeed, the intimate future has already unfurled its tendrils into the present.


Journey = Destination
The concept of a journey isn't linear; it ebbs and flows, continuously reshaping itself with countless onsets. To believe there's a fixed endpoint is to be deceived by the mirage of finality. Our experiences are enveloped in intricate layers of reality, each tier shaped by our imagination and molded by our perceptions. In this ever-evolving voyage, the ultimate treasure is not reaching a presumed endpoint, but rather reveling in the moments, embracing the joy, and cherishing the paths we traverse. For in truth, the journey is the destination.


Different Perspective
We delve deep into understanding the essence of human existence in a realm increasingly commanded by technology. What does our role look like amidst the ever-growing digital landscapes? To truly break barriers and introduce groundbreaking shifts, we need minds that view the world through unique lenses. Only by embracing diverse perspectives can we truly disrupt the norm.


Discover Your Future Self
This theme delves into the intricate tapestry of personal and professional evolution. To truly flourish and be at the forefront of innovation, mere conversation won't suffice – one must genuinely embrace diversity of thought and action.


Unearth simplicity in its most transformative form. The theme "Pure" calls upon you to visualise ideas that, though simple, have the potential to reshape our world. Dive into the core of existence and contemplate how the dynamic energy of the startup culture is interweaving with age-old values.


Everything is Connected. Capture the interconnectedness of our digital age, think beyond borders, where every pixel and frame speaks to unity and shared experiences. Let your concepts echo the stories and emotions that bind us in this era of seamless connections.


The next now
In an era where technology promises immediacy, we're prompted to question: does it truly anchor us in the present, or does it propel us perpetually forward? With the world clamoring for the "next" while grappling with the "now", how do we delineate the boundary between the two? As we push boundaries and challenge conventions, we're poised on the brink of an adventurous odyssey.


The moment in time when we get together. The beginnings.